CNC Turning

CNC Turning - Precision Engineering by Lipco LtdFrom one off development parts to full blown, large production batches, we can offer a dedicated service for all your turning requirements.

Well-appointed with the latest 5 axis mill-turn machines, directly linked to cutting edge CADCAM, and the professionals to make it all happen, Lipco go beyond just cutting metal, to offer advice on, reducing manufacturing costs, and increasing efficiency, to deliver on your most demanding schedules and budgets

Onboard machine inspection, backed up with a dedicated and independent inspection team, ensure right first time, quality, and conforming parts.

MRP and capacity loading ensure your parts get delivered when you need them.

Our largest mill-turn with a 400mm chuck and 1500mm bed the Mazak i400 integrex is a formidable machine. With 72 tools we can handle the most complex of parts. Our barfed lathes offer unsurpassed production capability.

CNC Turning Capabilities

  Size Complexity Volume
Turning upto 650mmØ upto 1.5 meters long full 5 axis mill/turn 264hrs /day

*Please speak to our Sales team on 01202 828416 for further information.

CNC Turning Plant List

  • 2 x Mazak Super Quick Turn 250 - 2 Axis
  • 1 x Mazak Nexus 250 - 2 Axis
  • 1 x Mazak Quick Turn 100 - 2 Axis
  • 2 x Mazak Quick Turn 15 - 2 Axis

CNC Mill / Turn Plant List

  • 1 x Mazak INTEGREX i-400 - 5 Axis 72 Tool Magazine Station With 15 inch Chuck - 630mmØ x 1.5meter shaft work including gear cutting
  • 1 x Mazak INTEGREX i-200 - 5 Axis 36 Tool Magazine Station With 10 inch Chuck
  • 2 x Mazak Quick Turn Nexus 250-11MY - 3 Axis 12 Station Turret With Driven Tools+ bar feed
  • 1 x Mazak Quick Turn Nexus 250-11MY - 3 Axis 12 Station Turret With Driven Tools + bar feed