CNC Grinding

CNC Grinding for Precision EngineeringOur Jones and Shipmen centre grinder is the perfect solution to your high accuracy diameters

Our recently formed specialist Grinding Department has optimised the speed and precision of our grinding facility and in conjunction with triallingusing some of the latest Vortex and CSS Ultra grinding wheels from Norton and Tyrolit we have managed to cut times and improve quality in the grinding of hard chrome plated cylindrical components. We are now well equipped for dealing with hard chrome plated work on our Jones and Shipman Suprema 650.

Our technical ability enables us to take on some challenging and probalamtic work, most recently a project involving HVOF plasma sprayed coatings which are extremely hard and cannot be cut wheel with conventional abrasives.

CNC Grinding Capabilities

Size Complexity Volume
Upto 250mmØx 1000mm Centre and Internal 72 hours / day

*Please speak to our Sales team on 01425 476036 for further information.

CNC Grinding Plant List

  • 1 x Jones & Shipman Universal CNC Grinding
    •     2 Axis 340mm Diameter X 1000mm Long
  • 1 x Jones & Shipman Universal Cylindrical Grinding
    •     2 Axis 250mm Diameter X 750mm Long

Manual Machines

  • 1 x Colchester Master 3250 Lathe - 2 Axis
  • 150mm diameter 650mm long
  • 1 x Colchester Master 2000 Lathe - 2 Axis
  • 1 x Bridgeport Milling Machine- 2 Axis