CAD / CAM - Precision Engineering Offline Programming

CADCAM Precision EngineeringLipco has invested heavily in CAD and offline programming competency. With Delcam and Mastercam forming the capability, we have been able to manufacture the most challenging of parts. Our full 5 axis capability has produced a variety of impellers and taken our capability into the highly complex arena.

Our CAD / CAM has huge range of applications, from conceptual design to pattern making and tool making for a variety of sectors including the automotive, aerospace, plastics, ceramics, rubber, glass and packaging industries. Making it possible to machine parts easily that are impossible to program by hand. Here at Lipco we offer design assistance for customers specialising in Design for Manufacture (DFM) allowing input at all levels from programmers, down to the machinist.

We offer design for manufacture free of charge , provided the parts are subsequently produced at Lipco.

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Our Software Packages include

  • Delcam
  • Mastercam