Customer ARA
Aircraft Research and Development
Wind Tunnel Gust Project

At our assembly area I see all the components parts that your organisation manufactured, I cannot fail to be impressed by the quality of the product which, taking account of the quantity we placed on you in a relatively short timescale, you and your organisation are to be congratulated.

K.W, Head of Design and Manufacture - Customer ARA
'Customer ARA' contacted Lipco to undertake a unique and exciting project, whose aim was to re-create the effects of turbulence and sideways air on aircraft in flight - something that has never been tested in a wind tunnel like this before. Lipco have been involved for the start with a Design For Manufacture (DFM) input, with the aim of simplifying the design and reducing the manufacturing costs. As with all Government funded projects transparency to the customer is key. The end project was a great success opening more opportunities for future projects to all who were involved throughout the supply chain.